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Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Joshua Powers represents individuals who have been charged with a crime in the state of California.  With a central office in downtown Fresno, CA, he has represented clients in a wide variety of case types handling misdemeanor charges such as theft or battery along with felonies such as drug trafficking and violent crimes.   

If you have been charged with a crime it is important to obtain counsel as soon as possible so that you have an attorney that can speak on your behalf from the beginning so that information is not provided to the prosecution that can potentially be used against you in your case.  It is equally important to have an attorney that can get a bird’s eye view of your case from the onset so he can determine what level of evidence the state has against you in the form of discovery in order to prove their case and obtain a conviction. 

As is usually the case the state will charge an individual with as many charges as possible so that if one criminal charge does not stick they ultimately have others to work with to keep your case in the courts and your freedom in question.  The concept of “throwing enough stuff against the wall and hoping something sticks” is a strategy that is often applied by investigators, the police and the prosecution. 

Understanding this tactic, as your case moves forward Attorney Powers will seek opportunities to eliminate some of these unreasonable, “shaky” charges against his clients by communicating with the state or to the judge to drop certain charges while your case continues to move forward.  In essence, when it is possible, the idea is to move the goal post as much as we can in our favor and as early as possible so that our focus can be on what we are truly up against regarding your charges and our strategy can be developed from there, all the while eliminating frivolous charges that can make your case appear more serious than it really is. 

Attorney Powers’ unique formula in dealing with his clients and their various criminal matters attributes to his success.  He is available all day, everyday, and will be the only voice that you will hear when calling his office line.  He makes it a point for his clients to know that he is assessable and by their side throughout every step of the process.

From the very beginning he will assess your situation, develop an understanding of what you are up against, and will determine what your best interest really is.  With his knowledge and experience even his initial assessment will peel a layer of pressure off of your shoulders as you will begin to understand exactly where you are at at that time and a general direction of where your case may be going.

If it comes to battle in court there is not a better mouthpiece to represent you.  He will prepare for your defense rigorously while simultaneously calculating every possible angle the prosecution may take in an effort to disrupt your life as you know it.

If you need a criminal lawyer who will take your case equally as serious as both you and your family, give Attorney Joshua Powers a call today!

After being charged with a crime it can be very difficult for both yourself and everyone else that is close to you.

With more than a decade of experience in Criminal Defense, Attorney Powers has a passion for keeping his clients and their families informed, protected, and strong throughout the entire length of the case.


If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a crime, reach out today to schedule a free consultation:

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