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DUI Defense

DUI Defense in Fresno, CA

Being pulled over and arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol can have serious ramifications on a person’s life.  Although a first offense is only a misdemeanor in the State of California, the consequences can have a severe impact on a person’s life, beginning Day 1 of your case.  We rely so much on our independence and being able to transport ourselves to our jobs, for family commitments and events, and for our piece of mind not needing to rely on public transportation in order to get to places that we need to be.  It is very easy to take our ability to drive for granted but when that ability is at stake, we realize how much our lives can truly be turned upside down and if you were charged you need representation immediately to preserve your right to be on the rode. 

Even in a day and age where getting home safely is just a click on an app away, there still are so many duis that occur in our county every week.  It is very easy to underestimate our level of sobriety after a few drinks and as a night continues to go on, especially when we’re having a good time.  We may lose track of the time we’ve been out, lose track of the amount of drinks that we have actually had, or even when those factors are truly known what is most common is while under the influence of alcohol we lose our inhibitions and often believe that we are more sober and okay to drive than we actually are. 

Getting behind the wheel of an automobile after several drinks is never a good idea.  While under the influence of alcohol or drugs the only options should be calling a friend or a ride share service to get us home safely without placing ourselves or others at risk.  Although easy to underestimate the possibility of one to happen, if an accident were to occur while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and someone were to get severely injured, whether it be a passenger who is in your car or those in the other vehicle involved, you will be liable due to illegal alcohol levels regardless if your attention behind the wheel was the actual result of the accident or not.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, accidents occur in the United States every sixty seconds and the vast majority of these collisions on the road have nothing to do with alcohol whatsoever.  So even though a car wreck occurred on the road when you just so happened to have had a few drinks, once you are tested, you will not only be up against a potential loss of your freedom, job, and even your relationship with your significant other, but you may also be liable for injuries sustained of others and may have a civil lawsuit that needs to be dealt with.  There are countless cases throughout the years where a law abiding citizen had their life turned upside down due to one instant, so always keep that in mind when you are out and never get behind the wheel of an automobile if you are anywhere near the legal limit for operating a vehicle. 

Even if a catastrophic accident did not occur, if you are pulled over, you will be arrested if you’re impaired.  In the State of California the blood alcohol content levels to warrant an arrest is .08 for adults, .04 for those operating a commercial vehicle, and .01 for those driving under the age of 21.  It is an officer’s duty to ensure that the roads are safe from drunk driving and if they feel that you have been drinking they will most likely arrest you.  There is reason to have hope though as many times a first DUI offense can be reduced to lesser charges and your driving privileges can be restored with the proper legal defense.  Dealing with many DUI cases on a regular basis, Attorney Powers understands how to properly present your case in court and he may be able to find holes in the prosecution’s case against you, may be able to undermine the arresting officer’s testimony, or may be able to prove that your civil rights were violated during the arrest.  

There are times where working with the prosecution and accepting a plea bargain may be your best option so that you can restore your license and ability to drive as soon as possible.  On the other hand, especially when you are facing a second or a third DUI charge within a ten year period, your best option may be to go to trial to increase the odds of protecting your freedom and independence.  In either event, Attorney Powers will advise you of your options and what the best avenue is to take to get you back to your life and these charges behind you.  

So much of ours lives are dependent on our being able to transport ourselves to the places that we need to be.  If you have been arrested due to being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, please give our office a call today to go over your case:  (559) 421-1868