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Fresno Domestic Violence Attorney

Although there is never a time to strike your partner in a moment of anger we understand that there are situations where tensions flare and emotions can get the best of us.

We also understand that there are circumstances resulting in a charge that may not have happened and an arrest should not have occurred to begin with.  Unfortunately it does not take much to be arrested for a domestic violence accusation.  Sometimes all that it takes is a very upset and convincing spouse or an officer who is quick to judge or be a hero. 

The reality is, in the State of California a domestic violence victim does not need to have visible bruises in order to claim assault or battery.  Oftentimes all that is necessary to warrant an arrest can be something as little as verbal threatening, an unauthorized touch or a brush against the body even if there was no physical pain that resulted from it. 

Of course there should be some rationale applied by an officer prior to breaking out the handcuffs but many times that simply is not the case and you can be arrested and charged regardless of how serious the situation actually was.

With many years and numerous cases dealing with domestic violence charges we have seen cases where an assault actually did not occur but due to instances that have led up to an arrest, a “victim” claims assault even though it never truly happened, many times out of spite or maliciousness hoping to disrupt your life.

Dealing with domestic battery or domestic assault charges is troubling in itself because it can mean that your reputation, your career and your future can all be at stake.  In the court of law you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but in life, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” in the minds of others and you will be misjudged due to your accusations.

Here at the Law Office of Joshua Powers we understand that altercations happen but with our experience we know how to deal with the aftermath of an arrest so it does not plague our clients’ lives forever for longer than it needs to.

Relationships can be difficult especially when a couples’ backs are against the wall due to financial reasons, infidelity or any other pressures that come about that puts strain on a relationship, but it is important to know that with proper representation you can put an alleged unfortunate moment behind you and move on, not only with your life, but perhaps also with a relationship that may be putting your freedom and future in jeopardy.

If you have been arrested or accused for domestic battery or domestic assault in Fresno, CA, you need representation to help guide you through the process, speak on your behalf, and tailor a game plan to get these charges and accusations behind you. 

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